Feb. 25th, 2003

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Well, I've decided to start posting to this thing. I have been lurking around LJ for about a year and have found it fascinating. But I must be honest, I am very ambivalent about starting one. To me a journal is very personal, private affair in which one putatively addresses to yourself, not a community. So far in my life I have felt no real need to keep a journal except on my travels. I remember in 7th grade they made us keep one. I basically blew it off and then wrote the whole thing in 2 days as a extended piece of fiction. The thing is, it didn't read much different than friends who were religious about it. In my rambling around LJ I have found writers who are intensely personal and confessional. They are laying out their souls in print and then letting it be read by anyone. To me that smacks of spiritual promiscuity. Other posters seem to view this as a bulletin board for their ideas and a kind of cyber soap box. That strikes me as fairly egotistical, kind of like a maniac street preacher. Many are boring recitations of the day's weather and routine. I think...what's the point? Does anyone care? Why not use a $5 notebook. And still my 7th grade experience haunts me. Are these folks for real?? How much of this LJ thing is a total fabrication? And what does that say about our culture and its sudden need for "reality?" What does that say about the internet and its ability to inform and enliven society?

Still, I am starting a livejournal.

I'm going to be a blogger.

I have recently been posting to some communities, mostly philosophy and debate. I find them at times amusing and at times frustrating. The way folks cling to ideology is daunting. Still, I try to stay out of the mud and only post on topics I'm fairly well versed in. A certain top_debater person challenged me about not keeping a journal for her to read. I never replied to that, but it did strike something of a chord. After all, I often check out other LJ's to find out more about someone. Why should I be immune? In part I feel her complaint was not valid because, while I have not posted since I joined on Feb 2, I have not used my, how shall I put it?, anonymity to be a jerk. I think my posts have been reasoned and to the point. I have not been a flamer or a troll. I would not be ashamed to own any of my debate positions if everyone knew my name and face and I don't really understand what knowing about a bunch of unconnected minutia from my life would change. Yet, her comments have moved me.

So, here it goes. I can't promise you a lot of excitement. The years of my debauchery and lechery are well behind me. I am not angst ridden or driven by a passion for social justice. I find most of modern culture pretty trite, so I usually ignore it. My parents and I get along just great, and always have. I am in a very loving marriage and will certainly not speak about it again. As I said, I am very ambivalent about this exercise.

I am committed, though. I will post.


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