Mar. 2nd, 2003

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Went to a Library fund raiser last night. Saw some friends we don't see all the time...nice. They had a pianist and after the first hour I was ready to strangle the woman. Is it too much to ask that she finish a song before segueing into another? It was just supposed to be ambient I know, but she'd play maybe half of some Porter standard and then, just as it entered the back of your mind, bam! on to something else. I don't know why it distracted me so much, when I mentioned it on the way home K honestly said she hadn't noticed. And she is the perceptive one. I suppose that I picked up on it early and then my mind kept picking up on the pattern as a reflex. What does that say about order in chaos?? Over the drone (and it was an almighty drone) of conversation, muddled by mediocre wine and salty snacks my brain kept saying, "Hey, she didn't finish "Night and Day!"

In other news,I outed myself as a theist and a Christian to boot on the philosophy forum. Reading the atheists and the agnostics debate what each other believes reminds me of listening to a bunch of Baptists at a picnic. A friend of mine once said his pastor was no longer going to hold the annual church "field day" because every once and a while a third of the congregation would leave and start another Baptist church.


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