Mar. 10th, 2003

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Will spring ever be here? I wonder. The garden is a sight to see, now that the last of the snow has melted away. A wreck of a garden. The rosemary looks like it didn't make it, which is distressing but not surprising. I am exceedingly curious if our figs have survived the arctic blasts, wrapped as they were in layer after layer of burlap, 25 yards a tree. As for the rest I am reasonable confident, they are hardy. I will have to reinforce the wattle, that was something I should have done in the fall, now it will be a pain.

A author of a scientific bent on CSPAN was arguing the other day about the death of the book. The inevitable march of technology will soon replace the books paper pages with digital images, etc. By books, of course, he means the codex. It may be true, but I doubt it.
Sitting here at the computer a world of information is at my finger tips, but can I enjoy a novel online? I do not know anyone who has participated in the e-book craze of a couple years ago. Nor do I know anyone who has read a book online ala Steven King. Maybe that is because of the quality of the literature rather than the method of distribution. But even if I was sitting down with Shakespeare, I think the electronic images would grate on me. How can I curl up with a book online? How can a glowing pad compete with the solid heft of a good novel? I understand that digital technology can shrink the space needed, so you can house vast stores of knowledge in tiny spaces. Still, as much as I enjoy the net I do not think that it beats my 25 year old set of Britannica sitting on the bottom shelf of my library. I will challenge anyone to get the information on a given topic via the net faster and more compeletly and accurately then the old Britannica. No computer, no phone line, no cable access, no electricity required.


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