Mar. 18th, 2003

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War! Hungh! Good God ya'll....what is it good for?

How about freeing Iraq and starting to stabilize the Middle East for starters?

We have been standing on the banks of the Rubicon long enough. The die is cast, If it goes well it will be terrible and bring bring this nation a chance at peace. If it goes ill, it will be horrible and our nation will be shaken in a way it hasn't been since before the Civil War. For myself, I am content. I think it is the right thing to do for many reasons, not the least of which is that Saddam is a cancer that can no longer be controlled with chemo and radiation. He must be excised.

I have a great deal of respect for those who are pacifists, but I must admit not much understanding. Its like talking to someone who believes in reincarnation. A passionate point of faith, but without much reason.

I have some respect for those who honestly look at the options and think that war is too risky. I see the risks of action as well as anyone, and the wrong outcomes are quite scary. But the risks of inaction are greater. Not just that Saddam would acquire WMD, or give WMD to terrorists, or even conquer the Kuwaiti oil fields and the Saudi's too with a Iraqi nuke, but that the world, but more specifically the US, would be responsible for another failure like Rwanda, it would be a Rwanda in slow motion. First the Marsh Arabs, then more slowly maybe, the Kurds. Then maybe Kuwait again. The stench of that hypocrisy would make me retch every time I thought of it. Not to mention the license it would give to other dictators or genocidal madmen.

I honestly don't know what to think about France. It is a mystery to me that Chirac can send troops to enforce a French peace on Ivory Coast without one shred of international support and still prate away about us while 17 UN resolutions are openly flouted. They are playing a dangerous game in the Gaulist tradition. But I seriously doubt that DeGaulle would have acted so contrary. He stood up for the "independence" of French foreign policy, but his policies did not actively support the Communist Block. When this is over we will see that the money is the motivator here, not principle. Who has pushed for the reintegration of Saddam since the mid-90's? Who has the most money to loose from a new government in Iraq? The most oil contracts? I love France, I love almost everything about its culture, arts, food (obviously) even its people I have found generous and warm...but its politics are fucked beyond all belief.

I have no respect at all for the "no blood for oil"/"shrub is doing it for daddy" crowd. A more glib and callow group I can hardly imagine. Listening to Holocaust apologists and America-is-the-great-satan freaks like Noam Chomsky and Ramsey Clark and applauding the old, old marxists screeds is disgraceful in a group that makes claims of being "pro-peace." Pro-peace the way Stalin was pro-peace. Shame on them all and their self righteous posturing. Where will they be when the truth comes out about Saddam? They will sit with the rest of those who applauded "Uncle Joe," deliberately blind to the evil they were willing to accept because of their "principles."

It is a terrible thing we are about to do, no doubt. But it is a terrible world, with terrible people in it. Let us all pray that out of the terrible some good can come. Its happened before, after all, perhaps it will happen again. Amen. Amen.


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