Nov. 18th, 2003

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Well, I have been slowly getting back into LJ after a summer of stress. It has been interesting. Tonight I decided I would post to the main board of _Debate_. A couple of threads had been discussing quizzes that tested your political leanings and I thought a specific site had some relevence to the general discussion. To wit, I posted this:

"john of salisbury (policraticus) wrote in debate,
@ 2003-11-17 22:51:00
A better political quiz (No offence, Kylebee)

_kylebee_ and _foobiwan_'s latest debates have prompted me to post this link to the main board. It is my first official main board post. I will accept either congratulations, condemnations or sympathy as you deem appropriate.

It is a nuanced and thoughtful site and I would be interested to see not only where you all stand, but whether you agree with the position the quiz gives you and whether you are surprised by the placement of others in the Debate community.

RESOLVED: The Political Compass's assessment of _policraticus_ as Economic +3.25/Social -1.38 is fair.

I will take the affirmative stance. I'm a fairly moderate guy on social issues and lean to the right on economics. Not quite Milton Friedman, but no Nelson Mandela either.

(Oh great and mighty MODS, if this inappropriate, delete away.)"

Now, granted this was my first try, but I thought it yielded some interesting debate, especially around the actual debate, ie whether the Compass itself was fair. _whip lash_ and _crackmonkeyjr_ had a respectful and thoughtful discussion of libertarian philosophy. I did a little defense of the Political Compass's design and supposed slant. Various people chimed in with their results and opinions. Nothing worthy of LJdrama, nothing that would make it into _debateclassics_, but not a ZRP by any means. There were about 18 entries in about an hour, whatever that means.

Imagine my surprise when it was deleted without warning. I guess the moderators took my little aside at face value and deleted away. LOL.

I can't help but wonder what I did wrong, though. The debate was phrased properly, to my mind, and the responses were to the point, for the most part. ::shrugs::

Its a den of hungry lions.
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It looks like I have been banned!

At least it won't let me post anymore or comment on posts.

One post is all it took for me to wear out my welcome. I must say with the way I have been treated on the comments side I am a little surprised. I thought I had a bit of a reputation as a prig and a pendant, rather than some wide eyed maniac attempting to destroy _Debate_ with my unauthorized posts. Haven't received any explanation, but I don't particularly expect one. That they would ban me for a politely dull post on politics, while allowing the incomprehensible ramblings of someone who thinks they have the spirit of an extraterrestrial transgendered dragon, is pretty telling.

And so I join the ranks of _ikilled007_, _hellfudge_ and _adamyoshida_ as mad, bad and dangerous to know!

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 00:02:24 +0100 (CET)
To: "dacat sydney" <>
Subject: Re: A debate question for you.
From: "thies arndt" <>  Add to Address Book

No memes such as, but not limited to, quiz results; no spam. Penalty:
Member will be permanently banned without warning



So, that's that. I think they are well rid of a quiz proposer like myself. Yes the tone of _Debate_ will certainly be raised without something stupid like the Political Compass to get in the way of all the furry/dragon/troll/meta-debates.

The final final word, at least so far. ; )

My very dear theis,

Thank you for your careful thought about my situation and your prompt reply to my inquiry. You have exeeded my expectations for the fairness, subtlety and nuance which the LJ world has come to expect from the _Debate_ moderators.

Yours very truly,



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